Fareast Adventure
Rishiri island to
Shiretoko peninsula
If you are tired of the crowds of Niseko, the next step is to visit the fareast penunsula and the northest island In Japan, Shiretoko peninsula and Rishiri Island.You can experience good skiing with wild life and good Japanese food and hot springs.

Best season

Feburuary - April




  • Very remote and you can ski-tour in the silence.
  • Famous for one of the best seafood in Japan.
  • True Japanese local culture experience.
  • When the weather allows, try to take you to the summits of the peaks for some alpine experience.

Itinerary (example)

  • Day1:
    Picked up at Memambetsu apt. and drive to Shiretoko peninsula, stay at hot springs ryokan (Japanese style small hotel) and enjoy seafood.
  • Day2:
    Ski touring to the Shari-dake 1,547m, a good ski touring peak on the foot of Shiretoko peninsula. We move to the other side of the peninsula and stay at another hot springs ryokan with the best seafood.
  • Day3:
    Ski tour to Rausu-dake 1,660m or Shiretoko-dake 1,254m and back to ryokan.
  • Day4:
    Ski tour to Higashidake 1,520m and back to ryokan.
  • Day5:
    Drive to Wakkanai city and stay at small hotel. Take a first ferry to Rishiri island and settle in our base, which has a good hospitality and seafood from the local island, also with hot springs. We go skiing in the afternoon.
  • Day6-8:
    Try to reach the summit of Rishiriyama 1,721m. You can start even from the seashore.
  • Day9:
    Take a ferry to Wakkanai and take a flight to Tokyo and change flights home.

sapporo mountain time
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  • Email:ishizaka@mountaintime.jp